Welcome to our half-day intensive workshops focusing on the areas of maths that many pupils find tricky. Our friendly and relaxed, supportive and encouraging Maths Workshops turn “I don’t get it” into “I can do that!”

We teach in small groups of no more than 6 pupils, so individual attention can be given to each student. Our workshops are suitable for ages 10 to 15.

Each workshop covers just one topic, and this focus really helps to develop understanding and skills. Our promise is that in a single workshop pupils will advance one GCSE grade or national curriculum level in that topic area.

Workshops are offered at various skill levels, so pupils can choose the workshop most suited to their current level. In the Autumn term, the focus is on the maths needed for a GCSE grade C.

Compass Maths Workshops take place at various venues around the Battle area. Most of our students come from Battle, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings, Heathfield, Pevensey, and Robertsbridge. Some from even further away.

"Polly used to loathe maths, but now she's seriously thinking about taking it for A level. All thanks to you, Nicky!" Polly's mum, Bexhill